Ireland Baldwin Looks Battered & Bruised After Alleged Attack (PHOTO)

What the heck happened to Ireland Baldwin's face? And I don't mean that in a negative or accusatory way, like "OMG look at her horrible eyeliner" or something like that, but in a who the heck beat the crap out of Ireland Baldwin kind of way.


The 19-year-old model was photographed this week with what appear to be some pretty hefty bruises covering her otherwise gorgeous face. Take a look at this pic -- and that's only part of the damage.

See what I mean? The Daily Mail has more photos, and they're absolutely devastating. A source told the site that Ireland was attacked by three men on Monday night, and she may have been targeted for an unknown reason.

The insider said that the men had been seen previously following her, saying, "A week ago, a crew of guys were following Ireland around Malibu, tailing her car super close."

It apparently freaked her out enough to tell a bodyguard at Soba Recovery Center that she was worried. She's been staying there since April to deal with "emotional trauma," and I'm guessing this incident isn't exactly helping her healing process.

The insider said, "So Ireland came back to Soba Recovery Center and got one of the bodyguards at the center to come out and say the harassment needs to stop."

Obviously it didn't work, but hopefully she can press charges, because it is not OK to use your fists instead of your words! Meanwhile, hopefully she has new boyfriend Jon Kasik to offer emotional support. The two began dating recently after meeting at Soba, and they were photographed out and about together after the attack.

Poor girl ... hopefully she can find some healing soon, both for the physical attack, and for whatever "emotional trauma" she's overcoming in rehab.

Why do you think Ireland Baldwin was attacked?


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