Kate Middleton's Parenting Style Isn't Going to Sit Well With the Royals

kate middleton prince georgeOnce upon a time Kate Middleton was a commoner, but she married Prince William and became a Princess. Their first born, Prince George, is now 2 -- and he has a darling little newborn sister Charlotte. Kate, however, has never forgotten her roots and she applies it to her style of parenting. Kate is part free-range mom with some natural parenting mixed in.


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It was reported that George is quite a handful, but parents of 2-year-olds will tell you that they haven't met a 2-year-old who isn't. Terrible 2s didn't get that name for no reason (though many of us feel that the 3s are more terrible, but that's another story). There are just so many things that a 2-year-old can get into -- and they want to get into everything. And Kate lets him ... within reason. She wants George to be messy, able to run around, have carefree play, and enjoy certain freedoms without all the royal eyes on him.

When she thinks about how "it takes a village to raise a child" she is thinking about the village people, not the stuffy royals. No white gloves when it comes to parenting George.

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Mark Stewart, a photographer very familiar with the royal family, said:

[Kate] was running after him and making sure he was interacting with the other children. She wasn't being precious with him -- she wanted him to have a good old rough-and-tumble.

And also following the cues of her son, and what he needs. Her 2-year-old wants to run around, get dirty, and do all the things a 2-year-old should be doing. Why shouldn't she let him explore? Even royal babies deserve to have a "normal" childhood. Good for Kate for going with her mama instincts.

What do you think of Kate's anti-royal parenting ways?


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