The Most Offensive Photo of Selena Gomez Ever Taken

selena gomezA photo of Selena Gomez at the Hotel Transylvania 2 movie premiere in Cancun, Mexico has us seeing red, and it's not because she's wearing a two-piece scarlet gown with a thigh slit up to there. It's because, well, just look.


Gomez's smokin' skirt and bustier ensemble is on point, and she looks gorgeous as usual. It's her dopey costars. Can we talk about this? Check it out.

selena gomez transylvania 2


I know no one's winning an Oscar for this picture. And yeah, you're in Cancun, not Cannes. But COME ON! You couldn't even put on a button-up shirt for this thing? Effing (they don't let me swear on The Stir anymore) PANTS for your butt's sake, Kevin "Slobbo" James? You're both in sneakers! For shame, both of you.

Why does Selena Gomez have to glam it up, in stilettos and probably wardrobe tape, hair all did, full makeup -- while you two bozos get to amble off the beach for this thing wearing WHATEVER and looking like you've just finished cleaning out your roof gutters? 

No, don't smile like that Kevin. And F--- you, Adam Sandler. Are those sweatpants? You both should know better. This is a disgrace. Hollywood, you and your double standards suck. 

ARFKMWTS? And also! WDLIFK2q038utj'asldkc[weui9F"kl;utj!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry about that. I've gone for a walk around the block and I've done some soothing pranayama breathing so I can finish writing this thing.

You know what? It's not just Hollywood. I see it all the time, everywhere: Women taking the trouble to pull themselves together and look spectacular only to be met with men who CANNOT BE BOTHERED (sorry, getting angry again) to wear actual clothes instead of some ratty t-shirt, cargo shorts, and a basef---ingball cap. 

But it certainly doesn't help to see that double standard reinforced here at this premiere. Jebus, if the dress code is hobo then at least let Selena off the hook and allow her to wear her Coachella cut offs and a peasant blouse, okay? Let's at least be consistent. 

What do you think about the way these three celebrities are dressed together?


Images via Selena Gomez/Instagram, Victor Chavez/Getty Images Entertainment


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