Mindy Kaling’s Child Abuse Joke on 'GMA' Was Bad But Could Have Been Worse (VIDEO)

mindy kalingSome jokes are best saved for after dark, and this is definitely one of them. While promoting her voice work on the new Pixar movie Inside Out Mindy Kaling let loose a child abuse joke that landed with an awkward thud on Good Morning America. Oh Mindy! Good morning America indeed.


Host George Stephanopoulos complemented Kaling on her portrayal of the emotion/character Disgust, who lives inside the mind of a little girl. Apparently the movie was a hit with Stephanopoulos' daughters. 

"It really does make you feel like you're inside this 11-year-old girl," Stephanopoulos says.

mindy kaling

Kaling nods thoughtfully and then adds, "... In a profoundly wholesome way."

geoge stephonopoulos

Stephanopoulos gets the same look Kermit the Frog gets when he's uncomfortable, pretends he didn't just hear that, and continues with the interview. 

If you watch the video there's a split second when this look flashes across Mindy Kaling's face. She feels a joke coming on, and she cannot resist it. It's like an allergy. An involuntary sneeze. You're thinking, "No Mindy, no! Not on a morning show!" But it's too late -- she goes there.

The most painful thing is that no one laughed. The joke landed with a thud. (Except I swear I can hear a crew member laughing in the background.)

No, the most painful thing is that Kaling made a profoundly unwholesome joke about child sexual abuse. Oh my God, not before America's coffee, please! 

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Or is the most painful thing the rest of the interview?

Anyway, I'm sure Kaling didn't mean to offend anyone. She just can't resist the perfect setup.

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What do you think of Kaling's joke?


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