Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Can't Even Act Their Way Into Looking Happy Anymore

jennifer garner ben affleckWhich will come first: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's 10th wedding anniversary on June 29 or their divorce announcement? Insiders say the latter is looking more and more likely. We'll be sad when the official news hits. But was this couple doomed from the beginning?


Sources tell Us magazine the couple has "had troubles from the very beginning." In addition to the usual pressures of a Hollywood marriage, like hectic work schedules, traveling for shoots, and hot co-stars, Affleck is known to be a workaholic. And he's got some worrisome vices -- he's known for going on gambling and drinking benders in Las Vegas.

Affleck tried to move out last year, an insider claims, even supposedly checking out a $25 million, four-bedroom bachelor pad in New York City. But then Garner found out and signed them up for couples therapy. Unfortunately it did not save their marriage. Affleck finally broke down and admitted, "I just don't think I can make it work." Supposedly.

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From that point on he started spending most of his nights away from home, usually in a hotel or at his buddy Matt Damon's house. Garner packed up his things, the source says. 

It's believed that Garner will try to keep the sprawling family home so she can stay there with the kids. Affleck will most likely not seek custody of their children. He loves them, but they're reportedly too much of a handful for him.

Another detail from an insider (Matt, is it you?) is that Affleck will probably take up residence far from his family in LA. "He's trying to regain his youth," the source says, and will likely land someplace he would have liked to have lived 10 years ago, in Manhattan.

As for Garner, does it sound glib to say she'll probably adjust to divorce fairly well? If the rumors are true and she and her husband have been living separate lives anyway (despite their trip to the farmer's market over the weekend, which kind of looked more like a grim death march through produce hell -- c'mon you guys, you're actors!), I suppose not much will change for her. Hopefully she'll get a generous settlement without a fight.

But it still sucks for her. She went into this marriage hoping to build a life with Affleck. But if she's anything like most moms who go through divorce, she's already past the worst part, the part where everything falls apart painfully. The next chapter is all about fighting for what you need and then building a new life.

Or ... not! All this could just be rumors again. Meanwhile, that June 29 anniverary date looms ominously. How will the Afflecks spend it?

Do you believe the divorce rumors?


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