Kate Middleton's Fabulous Shoes: 16 Pairs We'd Love to Slip Into (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Jun 18, 2015 Celebrities
Kate Middleton's Fabulous Shoes: 16 Pairs We'd Love to Slip Into (PHOTOS)

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Kate Middleton has style -- she always looks beautiful and this dates back to before she was officially a Princess. And Kate's style goes all the way down to her glass slippers, or rather, her shoes. She definitely has her favorite footwear and we have our favorites of hers as well. Check out her fabulous collection of shoes -- try to pick one you like best.

She does have a look -- pumps are it for her. And she wears all her shoes more than once like a true commoner. Repeat offender? I wouldn't say that in a negative way because while she does wear the same shoes over and over again (Yay! She's just like you and me!) those shoes are also so stylish they are worthy of repetition. Classic, trendy, funky, and beautiful, take a look at Kate's fabulous footwear.

Which shoes of Kate's are your favorite?


Image via Splash News

  • Black pumps.


    Image via Splash News

    Even during pregnancy, Kate wore heels. A girl after my own heart! These classic black pumps go with everything and should be a staple in every woman's closet -- Princess title or not.

  • Ankle ties.


    Image via Splash News

    With a dress like this, you need a showcased shoe and Kate chose wisely. I love their shimmery feel and ankle tie.

  • Wedges.


    Image via Splash News

    I'm going to call these Kate's comfortable heels -- they are wedges after all. She seems to sport these when ... she's sporting! I've seen her even play volleyball in them.

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  • Platform nude.


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    In addition to the black pump, a nude pair is necessary in every fashionista's repertoire. A little extra platform takes that shoe to a whole other level of cool, and height.

  • Blue suede.


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    If you dare to wear something besides black, go blue! These shoes are quite simply HOT!

  • Black suede.


    Image via Splash News

    Adding a little texture to a timeless pair of pumps is the perfect extra something to make your shoes feel a little more sexy.

  • Booties.


    Image via Jeff Moore/Splash News

    Kate loves her booties! She wears these a lot and who can blame her -- they go perfectly with skirts and jeans.

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  • Sling back wedges.


    Image via Splash News

    Awww look at Kate being all fashionable with her blue dress and sensibly chic wedges. You can run around after toddler on the playground in these shoes!

  • Pale blue


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    If you thought blue suede was daring, take a look at these pale blue pumps! New staple? I think so!

  • Boat shoes.


    Image via R Chiang/Splash News

    In every high heel loving girl's closet, must be one pair of flats. These are (one of) Kate's. Preppy with a carefree feel, these boat shoes are adorable.

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  • Gilded pumps.


    Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

    With a silver and gold tint, these are the perfect pair of shoes. Next to Kate's shoes are William's -- they had to remove them during a visit to a mosque. I love how delicate they look next to the Prince's shoes.

  • Red pumps.


    Image via Macpherson/Gillis/Splash News

    Do you own a pair of red shoes? You must. This is proof. It's a bit of a wild look for Kate, don't you think? Love it!

  • Knee high boots.


    Image via photodesk/Splash News

    A just-below-the-knee pair of brown semi-rugged boots are a must-have. You could even wear these with a casual kind of dress. Waiting for Kate to do that next season.

  • High heel boots.


    Image via Roger Bentley/Splash News

    Hello, Kate! A sexy pair of stiletto heel boots are one of those great going out with a sparkly mini dress kind of shoes. Kate displays that well.

  • Deep red.


    Image via Mirrorpix/Splash News

    You have to look closely to notice that these aren't your traditional black pumps -- they have that deep blood red color and I bet uplift your mood from just putting them on. Yes, shoes can be magical.

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  • Open toe.


    Image via GG/Splash News

    Kate rarely wears an open-toe shoe (I wonder if there is a clause in the Princess pact that notes she can't shoe toe cleavage?). But these adorable sandals give us a glimpse at those tootsies. Super cute.

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