Kate Middleton's Fabulous Shoes: 16 Pairs We'd Love to Slip Into (PHOTOS)

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Kate Middleton has style -- she always looks beautiful and this dates back to before she was officially a Princess. And Kate's style goes all the way down to her glass slippers, or rather, her shoes. She definitely has her favorite footwear and we have our favorites of hers as well. Check out her fabulous collection of shoes -- try to pick one you like best.


She does have a look -- pumps are it for her. And she wears all her shoes more than once like a true commoner. Repeat offender? I wouldn't say that in a negative way because while she does wear the same shoes over and over again (Yay! She's just like you and me!) those shoes are also so stylish they are worthy of repetition. Classic, trendy, funky, and beautiful, take a look at Kate's fabulous footwear.

Which shoes of Kate's are your favorite?


Image via Splash News

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