17 Times Kate Middleton & the Royals Couldn't Hide Their Dislike for Each Other

Michele Zipp | Jun 22, 2015 Celebrities
17 Times Kate Middleton & the Royals Couldn't Hide Their Dislike for Each Other

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The royal family has had their own inner battles and turmoil -- of course it was all hush-hushed by the Queen telling everyone to put on a brave face, have a cuppa, cheerio. But the camera doesn't lie. Photos can't hide the true feelings they have for each other. Like any family, sometimes they cannot stand each other ... royally. The looks on their faces and body language tell it all. Every family has its problems -- the royals just have to have them in public. 

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Every family has their point of tension. Maybe a fight between in-laws or two siblings who just can't seem to get along. But when it comes to the royal family? Well, these familial beefs run deep. Whether it's William and Charles, Kate and Camilla, William and Camilla, Harry and Camilla (OK, we have a sneaking sensation that a lot of the royals have beef with Camilla), sometimes the royals can't help but let it show when they are exasperated with each other. Although we hate to see petty drama -- oh who are we kidding? We love petty drama! Check out these captured moments showing how the royals really feel about each other. Is that the stink eye or something else?

Who seems to get along best (or the least) in the royal family?


Image via Splash News

  • Mother-in-Law Moment.


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Kate has one of those "I can't believe she's my mother-in-law" looks on her face. Although Camilla, who is used to not be a favorite, is just trying to keep her gloved hands crossed and not look too scowl-y.


  • Tale of two Princes.


    Image via INFphoto.com

    Kate's thinking of where Pippa is and wishing she was there. William is concerned that his dad is pissed. Camilla -- center of the controversy, perhaps? -- has made Charles so annoyed he's walking away. Good guess?

  • Prince Philip Hears No Evil.


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Clearly Prince Philip is not at all happy with what the Queen's racing manager, John Warren, is saying. Right? Apparently, the truth is that Philip isn't happy with the music of the string quartet Escala. Hmm ... not sure what to believe.

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  • Royal Trifecta.


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Prince William looks disappointed. Kate looks concerned. Harry is looking at Kate with that "I thought you didn't care if I told him" looks.

  • That Other Trifecta.


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Here we have Princess Eugenie of York, Sarah the Duchess of York, and Princess Beatrice of York ... all gossiping about the other royals, I'm guessing. Perhaps they are complaining about each other to each other.

  • Camilla-zilla?


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Yes, this could be just Prince Charles having a little cough, but it could be one of those Ralph Kramden moments where he's complaining about his wife on the side. Bang! Zoom!

  • Scolded by the Queen.


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    "If you don't get that kid to be quiet, I'm going to cut him off to the throne. And you, too, Missy." That's what I'm guessing the Queen is saying. Yikes. And look at poor Harry. He's back there just trying to stay out of it. So close to Kate, always, though.

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  • Harry Prays for Help.


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Kate seems sad, despondent. Camilla somehow seems pleased. Harry, often by Kate's side, is praying for help.

  • The Talk From the Queen.


    Image via Weirphotos/Splash News

    Listen, I would imagine that not everything the Queen says is incredible interesting, but can't Kate fake it a little? Maybe she's yelling at her. "Kate, I told you, that skirt is too short for a princess!"

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  • Royally Stinky.


    Image via Allpix/Splash News

    This photo is amazing. What stinks?! The disgust is so evident, perhaps it's some pent-up frustrations between Kate and Camilla coming out.

  • Cranky Charlie.


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    There aren't a lot of emotions seen coming from Prince Charles, but this emotion is clear -- annoyance. It looks as if there was some sort of squabble. Harry is trying to joke it off. But no one else is, and Charles certainly can't. Commoners! he's probably saying with a hint of disgust.

  • Things Are Looking Up?


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    The rumor is that Eugenie and Beatrice aren't very fond of Kate. This photo could prove that. Is that a heckle by Beatrice? An attempt to get Kate to seem less than perfect? Ah, it's sure tough to be a royal.

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  • Double Annoyed


    Image via Splash News

    It's tough to tell whose feathered are more ruffled, Kate's or the Queen's.

  • Not Again


    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Another day, another royal obligation.

  • Oh, Bother

    Image via Splash News

    To put it frankly, it's impossible to tell which one of them is more annoyed with the other.

  • Back Off Granny


    Image via Splash News

    "I told you to go wait over there. Stop trying to steal my thunder."

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  • Stop That Racket!

    Image via Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/Splash News

    Prince Philip is so annoyed with Kate's laughter, he's covering his ears. And the Queen? Yeah. She just looks pissed.

  • Faking It

    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Kate figures if she smiles big enough, no one will really know she's about to lose her cool with the royals.

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  • One Mad Granny

    Image via WeirPhotos/Splash News

    Queen Elizabeth was mortified when William dared to crouch down on the balcony that day. Mortified!

  • The Odd Couple

    Image via James Whatling/Splash News

    Bloody hell! One of them is clearly about to snap.


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