Kim Kardashian Breaks the Internet After Misspelling 'Giorgio Armani'

If anyone knows her Balmain's from her Armani's, it's Kim Kardashian, a woman who won't even go for a coffee run if not clad in head-to-toe designer duds. When she recently botched Giorgio Armani's name on Twitter — referring to him as Georgio — we were shocked to find out his people responded to the queen by calling her out on her mistake. But instead of taking offense to it, Kim responded with the cutest excuse ever.


Have you ever become so attached to a particular makeup product that you felt like an abaondoned child after learning it would be discontinued? It's total heartbreak. Well, Kim is a big Armani fan — she has worn clothing created by the legendary designer and apparently, loves his makeup line, as well — so she took to Twitter to express the pain she felt after learning the brand of Armani foundation she favors will cease to be:

So, she spelled the Italian "Giorgio" the way an American might — no biggie. The message is still crystal clear: she loves your makeup product and, thanks to her 32.7 million followers, many of whom are women and men who use makeup, has the unique power to give Armani the kind of free publicity a publicist would kill to get.

So, I was kind of surprised to read the Twitter response from Armani's people:

Hmm. They weren't rude or anything, and it's sweet of them to offer to give Kim more foundation, but they could have overlooked her little spelling error. It's not as if Armani is a new brand just starting out and looking to establish itself — he's a fashion behemoth and one Kardashian misspelling isn't going to change that.

Then again, if your job is to promote a brand, I suppose you have to find a way to correct the mistake so that Kim's fans — especially her young followers, who may be looking to her for fashion influence — know Armani's actual name. Everyone has a job to do and it's not like they slammed Kardashian.

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Forget their response for a moment because Kim's reply to their tweet was the best — total class.

Good job, Kim. Whether her excuse is true or not, she took the high road and showed her respect for Armani. And, anyway, as anyone who has ever been pregnant knows, it's both completely possible to make spelling errors and become so impassioned by the loss of your favorite makeup product that you can't think straight.

What do you think about Armani's response to Kim's spelling error?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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