Ed Sheeran Makes Teen Fan's Year When He Surprises Her on Stage (VIDEO)

So Ed Sheeran is basically perfect. Not only is he an incredible songwriter, and a sexy ginger, he's also one of the nicest, coolest guys around. The 24-year-old British hit-maker found himself in a Canadian mall this past weekend, when he happened by a talent show ... where a teen girl was covering his song, "Thinking Out Loud."


So did the musician play it cool and ignore it, or maybe even tweet something cute about loving hearing his own music? Nope. He jumped up onstage with 13-year-old Sydney Bourbeau, and made it a duet!


Take a look at this video, and please love every part of it. Ed has realized what is going on, and asks the impromptu cameraman, "Should I just roll up?" He does, and if the look on Sydney's face when she realized what was happening doesn't put a grin on yours, I can't help you!

E! News caught up with Bourbeau, who called the the duet the "most incredible experience of her life." The whole thing happened at the West Edmonton Mall, where she was performing for the Resonate Music School as part of a celebration concert for Play for Pets to support the local humane society.

The teen described the scene, saying, "I had just finished taking my microphone out of the stand, so I thought someone was just coming up to grab the stand or fix something ... I realized it was him after he came up the stairs on the stage, and I freaked! He came over and hugged me and I wanted to just cry and talk to him, but I realized he wanted to come sing his song with me!"

She continued, "I'm sure it looked like I was fine, but I was shaking and my heart was beating so fast it was crazy! I was so nervous especially when he left because I was like, 'No! Don't leave!'"

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Sheeran just happened to be there for his tour, and his manager contacted Bourbeau and gave them front row center seats to his concert. She didn't get to meet up with him again after his impromptu hug and exit, but no doubt that this will be an experience that stays with her for a lifetime.

Would you just die if this happened to you?


Image via Murray Cummings/YouTube

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