Kristen Stewart's Mom Denies Outing Her Daughter's Relationship

Hold the phone. One day after news exploded across the globe that Kristen Stewart's mom Jules Stewart announced in an interview with British newspaper The Sunday Mirror that her 25-year-old daughter is indeed dating assistant Alicia Cargile, of whom she apparently approves, mom is claiming she never spoke about KStew or her relationship status.


Just to refresh all of our memories: one of yesterday's top stories revolved around Stewart's mom, who was reportedly quoted in the newspaper as saying, "I've met Kristen's new girlfriend. I like her" and that Cargile is a "lovely girl." But Jules says she never even discussed Kristen with reporter Sharon Feinstein and that the purpose of their interview was to talk about her film K-11, which has been put on display at the Hollywood Museum. She reportedly told US Weekly the film appears beneath an LGBT banner and that she was more than happy to chat about her feelings on gay rights — but that's where their discussion about it ended.

Not so, according to Feinstein. The journalist is holding firm that Stewart said everything she claimed she said about her daughter's relationship with Cargile and that, as proof, she intends to upload tapes of their interview on Twitter. So far, no audio tapes have been released. Here's Feinstein's latest tweet:

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The truth remains to be seen. Even if Stewart said those very lovely and accepting things about Kristen, that still doesn't serve as proof that she and Alicia are in love. The only way we can truly know the nature of their relationship is if they decide to share the details with us.

Given the very public blow-up of KStew and Robert Pattinson's relationship — assuming she and Alicia are a couple — why on earth would they willingly put themselves through that torture when they can just carry on and lead happy, private lives?

I'm on team: Keep everyone guessing, Kristen.

Do you believe Kristen's mother made those remarks about her daughter?


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