Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom Are Too Close for Comfort After Tragic Loss

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Any long-time fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians is familiar with Jamie Sangouthai, Lamar Odom's best friend and side kick. Sadly, on Sunday, it was reported that Sangouthai died from a drug overdose, and understandably, Lamar is completely beside himself. Sangouthai was often the cause of arguments between Khloe Kardashian and Lamar when they were married, as many people often questioned Sanguthai's motives and the influence he had over Lamar. Now, however, Hollywood Life is reporting that Khloe is Lamar's "emotional rock" during this incredibly difficult time. 


Lamar, who's had his own problems with addiction, apparently was in Las Vegas when he heard the news. Numerous websites are reporting that Lamar is absolutely distraught over his friend's death, and Khloe is the only one he can talk to right now. "Khloe tracked Lamar down and has been talking to him," an insider said. "She’s been amazing listening to Lamar‘s pain being a shoulder to cry on. Lamar can’t talk without bawling his eyes out. He’s been crying all night and day. It’s so so sad."

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A few years ago, when it was reported that Lamar was on a crack binge, many believed that Sangothai was the man behind it. Also, a video of Sangouthai and Lamar rapping about cheating on Khloe leaked online around the same time. Khloe definitely wasn't a fan of Sangouthai's, but he was Lamar's best friend and she accepted him. It's incredibly kind of her to be there for her ex right now in his time of need. 

That said, let's hope they don't get back together. 

Evidently, Lamar is taking Sangouthai's death as a "wake-up" call and wants to change his partying ways. Before Khloe believes him, though, it's important that he walks the walk. Tragedies have a way of bringing people together, but once the dust settles, people often go back to their old ways. It would be wise for Khloe to simply be there for Lamar and leave it at that.

Hopefully, both Khloe and Lamar will be able to get through this awful time with the help of each other. But, hopefully, they won't try to make it into anything more than that. Clearly, they weren't right for each other then ... and they're probably not right for each other now.

What do you think of this? 


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