What 25 'Dowdy' TV Actresses Look Like in Real Life

Image: Netflix

shannon pursor

Ever watch a television show, fall in love with a character -- because she is lovable, hateable, or weirdly awesome -- tune in to see said character on the weekly, and completely flip out when the real actress makes an appearance in real life? It can be a totally mind-blowing experience!

For the most part, actresses look the same as the characters they play on TV. While their overall wardrobe or hairstyle may differ, it's rare that an actress is practically unrecognizable from the person we see every week on our televisions. That said, there are a few uncanny exceptions that can make us do a double take. Oh, the power of hair and makeup -- it's fascinating, isn't it?

From Maisie Williams's Arya Stark on Game of Thrones to Taryn Manning's Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett on Orange Is the New Black, here are 25 actresses who look strikingly different from the renowned characters they play on television. You might even argue that they're two completely different people. 

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While some of these actresses, including themselves, have referred to their less done-up counterparts as "dowdy," we think they're beautiful either way -- and to be completely frank, we're seriously impressed by the un-glam squads. (That's got to be a special talent to make that kind of transformation to such beautiful ladies, right?) 

We also have to give it up for the actresses who really get into their character for the show. Props! 

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