Convicted Pedophile Makes Some Seriously Shady Claims About Josh Duggar

Just when you thought the news about Josh Duggar couldn't possibly get more lurid ... someone files a lawsuit against him saying that he framed him for pedophilia. Convicted inmate Joseph Uber claimed that the 19 Kids and Counting star is guilty of countless other crimes, and that he even has the DNA evidence to prove it.


And we're not buying it one bit. RadarOnline got the court documents filed by Uber, who is currently serving time at the Texas Department of Corrections. According to the felon, Josh framed him for pedophilia. The docs alleged, "I am illegally incarcerated for a sex crime of a minor. I didn't do it. Defendant Josh Duggar is responsible, and set me up."

Um ... OK ... he went on, "I spent five years incarcerated for a crime Josh Duggar did ... Josh Duggar is a pedophile, not me. He planted my fingerprints on my victim ... I have Josh Duggar's DNA saved on underwear."

Ew. And why in the world would he have Josh Duggar's DNA on his underwear? Of course, it becomes very clear very quickly that this guy is off his rocker, because he blamed Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's eldest child with a lot of other things too.

"Josh Duggar works under direct orders from Warren Jeffs," Uber wrote, adding, "Josh Duggar molested the Slenderman girls in Wisconsin ... Josh Duggar threw Baby Jessica in my well. Josh Duggar hurt Chandra Levy. Josh Duggar was pen pals with Elizabeth Smart ... Josh Duggar knows what happened to Jon Benet Ramsey."

Holy crappus, did he kill JFK too? That would be impressive, considering that he wasn't even born yet!

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The case was immediately dismissed, with the court writing, "Petitioner's allegations are nothing short of fantastical and delusional, and do not merit encouragement by this Court."

Look, what Josh did was wrong, of course, and we can question all day long whether or not the family handled it appropriately, but it sucks for him that he's scapegoat for sociopaths like this. He grew up, he got counseling, he sought forgiveness and got it, and there hasn't been a whisper about any other crimes he possibly committed.

And he certainly didn't throw Baby Jessica down a well.

Do you feel bad for Josh, or does he deserve this kind of thing?


Image via Josh Duggar/Instagram

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