Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargile Are Officially Official (According to Her Mom)

Kristen Stewart is notoriously secretive about her relationships -- she doesn't exactly hide anything, but she also avoids discussing the topic in interviews in lieu of more important things like the rampant sexism in Hollywood. But! Just because we care about sexism doesn't mean we DON'T care about KStew's happiness, so when her mom spilled the beans on her newest relationship, we were pretty unapologetically excited.


It's been rumored for a while now that Kristen might be dating her best friend/roommate/personal assistant Alicia Cargile, but nothing was ever really confirmed ...

... UNTIL NOW. Kristen's mom, Jules, talked to The Sunday Mirror this weekend and referred to Alicia pretty clearly as Kristen's girlfriend. No word yet from the star herself, but that seems pretty definitive, does it not? Mothers do know best, after all.

Jules only had nice things to say about Alicia, calling her "a lovely girl" and saying she's just happy that they're happy together. And you know what? We're happy too!

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The Internet and the media have been generally awful to Kristen in the past, especially when it comes to her relationships with Robert Pattinson and Rupert Sanders. So it makes sense that she'd keep this one quiet and hang on to all the privacy she can get. Buuuttt now that it's out, I think we can all squee a little together.

Of course, Jules could be misinformed and Kristen and Alicia could really just be friends (as you Robsten hopefuls are probably thinking), buuuttt these girls make sense together. And you know what? They seem happy hanging out with each other whether or not they're actually dating, so we're pretty pleased with this pairing no matter what it looks like out of the public eye.

But all that said, we're gonna trust Kristen's mom on this one and believe that they're really in love.

Do you think Kristen is dating Alicia, and are you happy to hear this news?


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