Kate Middleton Shows She's Made to Be a Mom of 3

kate middleton baby george
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We all knew that Kate Middleton was going to emerge from her royal residence looking drop dead gorgeous after giving birth to Princess Charlotte, but lawd! Not sure any of us thought she would look like this. Over the weekend, the Duchess made an appearance at a charity polo match Prince William and Prince Harry were playing in, and it's hard to believe she just had her second baby. The woman looks fresh as a daisy!


Princess Charlotte was nowhere in sight, but the Duchess was spotted frolicking around with Prince George in skinny jeans and a cute white and navy striped shirt. It really is unbelievable that she looks so great, being that she has a toddler and a newborn. 

kate middleton

kate middleton

The second baby certainly is easier than the first to recover from, but having two kids is exhausting. Heck, having one kid is exhausting! Kate really has managed to look super pulled-together and casual when, I'm assuming, she's on such little sleep.

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It's also worth noting that it's super cute that Kate and Prince George are matching here (also, look at the little truck in George's hand!). Despite their different coloring, they both look great -- and perfectly summery -- in navy. Good choice, Kate. 

It's going to be so much fun watching the Duke and Duchess' family in the upcoming years. The little prince and princess are just precious and it's a delight to see them grow. And, hey, who knows? Maybe they'll even have a third. After all, if Kate can bounce back this quickly, why the heck not?!

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