Kate Middleton Wears Skinny Jeans: Did She Really Just Give Birth 6 Weeks Ago?! (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton is stylish before, during, and immediately after pregnancy. Just six weeks after giving birth to Charlotte, she was spotted this weekend out and about at at a polo festival with enough energy to play with George (seriously, how does she do it)? And, one of the many reasons the Duchess continues to be our fashionable mom icon: Kate wore skinny jeans on her play date (of course).


Both Prince Will and Prince Harry are huge polo fans who took part in a big polo match at Beaufort Polo Club in Tetbuty, England Sunday. Kate, 32, brought little George, who is almost 2 if you can believe it, and joined a whole crew of Royals that included Prince Charles and Zara Phillips. Since watching polo is probably not on every toddler's list of fun things to do, George naturally became distracted by his surroundings and decided he instead wanted to climb a little hill and play on the grass.

So Kate joined him and the two looked absolutely adorable hanging out together:

Three things make this photo especially awesome: Kate giving her boy a little boost on the tush, her skinny jeans, and their amazing matching blue and white ensembles. I can't tell you how many times I dress myself and my children without realizing I'm in a specific color mood that day and that I've unknowingly forced them to suffer for my orange or yellow obsession.

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In case you're wondering what mom and child are wearing, we got the scoop: Kate is clad in TopShop maternity Leigh jeans — yes, even Kate still wears maternity jeans after birth — and a Me + Em striped navy top with Sebago "Bala" shoes. Her little mini-me was wearing a $107 Olivier Baby cardigan, comfy Crocs, and Mayoral navy shorts.

Kate was quick to get back into her regular clothing after George was born and it just seems obvious that she has the genes and the means to hire a cook who knows exactly what she should eat to quickly lose weight. With that said, take comfort knowing few women — even princesses — can abandon their maternity clothing the day after birth. And who cares when you look this good?
What do you think about Kate's casual post-pregnancy look?
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