Khloe Kardashian Upset Over Heartbreaking Death of Lamar Odom's Best Friend

What a sad day for Khloe Kardashian's "ex" Lamar Odom (technically, they're still married). While battling his own drug demons, the 35-year-old basketball player discovered Sunday that his best friend Jamie Sangouthai died of a drug overdose. Kardashian reacted to the news in a way that makes it clear she has Odom's best interests at heart.


After checking into drug rehab in 2013 and then deciding almost immediately he can kick his reported crack habit without help, Odom's recovery process has been ... well, unclear. According to sources, his drug problems — and not his infidelity — are to blame for his and Khloe's breakup. His is a horribly sad situation to begin with, but I can't imagine the pain he feels now that a man who was more like a brother to him passed away from the same devil that he's been battling with for years.

Odom and Sangouthai, who was just 37, were more like brothers than friends. They grew up together and had a professional relationship, as well. Sangouthai was one of Odom's best men and became friendly with the Kardashian family after appearing on a few episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. He died of a reported heroin overdose and you just have to think: if this unfortunate incident doesn't get through to Lamar, nothing will.

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Khloe took to Twitter to post her thoughts about Sangouthai's death:

Later that same day, she added a photo and caption on Instagram that seemed as if it was intended for Odom. I'm sure Khloe is incredibly concerned that Sangouthai's death could result in Odom dealing with his pain in seriously unhealthy ways and she proves, time and again, that she is there for him:

Life doesn't get easier but I promise you that life will make you stronger. �

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One of Khloe's best friends, Malika Haqq, also posted this tribute to their late friend — a photo of the foursome during happier times:

Our hearts go out to Sangouthai's family and friends. I sincerely hope Odom will wake up after this horrific experience and realize how much love surrounds him and how many opportunities in life he'll continue to miss if he abuses drugs.

Do you think this experience will help Lamar Odom?


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