Scott Disick Looks Like a Crazy Man at the Club -- Like, Really Crazy! (PHOTO)

scott disick

Full disclosure: I like Scott Disick. I do. Despite all the bad boyfriend behavior (seriously, Kourtney Kardashian has to put up with A LOT from the father of her three children), I still kinda like the guy, mostly because he's funny. And it's that exact trait -- the funny thing -- that I'm hoping is on display in a photo from his latest Vegas club appearance, because it's either Scott Being Funny or Scott Being Certifiably Insane.


But before I show you the pic in question, a bit of background: See, this latest club gig for Disick came right on the heels of a drunken debacle a week ago in Montreal, where the reality star showed up super late -- and super drunk -- for a charity meet-and-greet. (Like, so late and so drunk that attendees were given a full refund because they never got to even meet the man of the hour, just sort of observe him being all sloppy and wasted from a distance.) So one might have expected him to be on his best behavior for his first public thing following that disaster, right? Um, wrong because ... Scott Disick. Instead of being extra normal and on point, Disick made this face for the cameras:

scott disick, kourtney kardashian

YIKES!!! What is he even doing?! Is this an homage to Crazy Eyes on Orange Is the New Black? Has Scott been binge-watching like the rest of us? No more Venti Iced Green Teas for you, guy. You're on strict orders to switch to all things decaf, like yesterday.

Apparently people seem to think Disick was sort of making fun of himself by pulling this bizarre-o face -- kind of a "yeah, I was a real d-bag last week at that charity thing, so, I'm just gonna act more like a d-bag than ever, cause that's funny! And you're gonna call me a d-bag anyway! Look at me, BLAAARRGGH!"

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And truly, I hope that's the case. Because, like I said, this is either Scott Being Funny or Scott Being Certifiably Insane. (But probably not Scott Being Drunk, because nobody can open their eyes THAT wide when they're drunk. So at least that's good?)

What do you think is going on with Scott Disick in this picture?


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