Farrah Abraham Announces Break-Up in Surprisingly Clever Way (PHOTO)

farrah abraham simon saran

And another one bites the dust: 24-year-old reality/porn star Farrah Abraham and her boyfriend, realtor Simon Saran, are apparently no longer a thing -- and we've got to hand it to the former Teen Mom, the way she chose to announce her split to the world was pretty, pretty, pretty clever.


See, apparently June 12 was National Ex Day (who knew?! And seriously, can we talk about how every single day is National Something-or-Other Day now? When did that happen?!). So to mark the occasion, Abraham took to Twitter with the following post:


Hold up, girl -- whaaaa?! Isn't that your BF right there? National Ex ... OH, YOU BROKE UP. Nice one, Farrah. I see what you did there. 

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Well, sorry about that, our condolences. But I doubt anyone is too surprised to hear that these two are dunzo, considering how rocky things have been (in the finale of Teen Mom OG, Saran wasn't returning Abraham's calls and he was absent from the reunion special). Who knows what went wrong? Who knows if anything ever went right? We know Saran liked groping Abraham for the camera (um, we could crack a joke about Backdoor Teen Mom right now but we won't), but that's really all we know. I suspect, however, that Abraham probably has a ways to go before she's ready to be in a healthy relationship with anyone. Just a hunch.

Do you think Farrah Abraham needs some time to herself?


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