Prince George Proves He's the Royal Family's Biggest Star (Yet Again)

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It's Prince George's world, people, and we're just living in it. The 22-month-old managed to steal all the attention away from the rest of the family (as usual) during his very first balcony appearance at Buckingham Palace's annual Trooping the Color event. And when we say "the rest of the family," that includes his gorgeous mama Kate Middleton and hottie uncle, Prince Harry ... so taking center stage was no small feat!


Plus, this was Kate's first public appearance since showing off newborn Princess Charlotte, so all eyes really should have been on the mother-of-two -- or maybe on Queen Elizabeth (Trooping the Color was part of her 89th birthday celebration, after all). But nope! Little Prince George was waaaay too distracting, what with his precious facial expressions and pudgy fingers pointing at the sky and those fabulously expressive eyebrows. 

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As for baby Charlotte, she was safely inside (which is just as well, since the very idea of a baby on a balcony just makes everybody think of that insane-o Michael Jackson incident). So perhaps if George had been joined by his sister, the spotlight would have been more equally dispersed ... but maybe not. Something about that little guy is just so captivating! 

It's worth noting, however, that Kate did look absolutely amazing, particularly for a woman who just gave birth six weeks ago. And, while we're dishing out the complements, the Queen looked pretty darn good for an 89-year-old!

How cute is this pic of Prince George?


Image via Splash

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