Emma Roberts & Evan Peters Call Off Their Engagement (& We're Not Surprised)

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Sad (but perhaps not surprising) news for Emma Roberts and Evan Peters: The former co-stars of American Horror Story have called off their engagement. Considering the couple's violent history (more on that in a minute), one might assume that this love affair went down in some pretty serious flames. But according to an "insider," the couple's three-year relationship didn't end for any super-dramatic reasons ... in fact, quite the opposite.


"Their three years together just ran its course," said the source. "They have so many great memories together but couldn't make it work in the end. The breakup was amicable -- there was no drama whatsoever. Emma and Evan are even still friends!"

Oh well, okay. Guess that's the best case scenario any couple can hope for when it comes time to part ways. But do we believe it? Back in 2013, Roberts was arrested on domestic violence charges against Peters when a blowout in a Montreal hotel room left Peters with a bloody nose and bite marks (yikes!). Peters refused to press charges and they were apparently both hitting each other (Peters was the only one with visible injuries), but  no matter who was to blame for the incident, it was definitely one hell of a red flag. So is their break-up really a shocker? (Or even a bad thing?)

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Plus, when it comes right down to it, both actors are really kind of on the young side to make a lifetime commitment (Roberts is 24 and Peters is 28). And maybe it was just never meant to be. Peters has said that initially, his attempts to flirt with Roberts fell flat because she "didn't get" his humor, so maybe these two were never truly in sync. Either way, let's hope these newly single celebs find more suitable and healthy relationships in the future!

Did you think Emma Roberts and Evan Peters would ever really get married?


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