John Stamos Arrested for DUI & Fans Might Have Reason to Worry

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Whoa, is the Full House reunion pressure getting to John Stamos? The 51-year-old actor was arrested Friday night for DUI after the Beverly Hills Police Department received several phone calls about someone "driving erratically." Not only that, but he was apparently in such bad shape when he was pulled over that the police decided he needed medical attention for a "possible medical condition" and took him straight to the hospital!


No word yet on what that medical condition might be, or what sort of penalties Stamos might face at this point (he was cited for driving under the influence and released to the hospital's care). And maybe the only real medical condition was "super drunk guy who happens to be famous and probably has really good lawyers." At least, we kind of hope that's all it is. Because, after all, it's not like Stamos doesn't have a history of hitting the bottle a little too hard: In 2007, he made headlines for going on an Australian talk show completely wasted, staggering around the set in a "daze" and making "lewd" gestures. But it's worth noting that Stamos was completely honest about that incident (even though his PR machine wanted him to say he was just jet-lagged), so he'll probably be completely honest about whatever happened last night, too -- as long as he's physically able.

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One thing's for sure -- Stamos definitely doesn't have time to waste on drunken shenanigans. Not only is he producing the aforementioned Full House reunion show, Fuller House, for Netflix, he's starring in an upcoming sitcom for Fox called Grandfathered about a bachelor whose "life is turned upside down when he discovers he’s not only a father, but a grandfather" (which, we've got to admit, sounds like the perfect vehicle for Uncle Jesse). 

So here's hoping Stamos feels better soon, and stops getting behind the wheel when he's been partying. Hey John, have you heard of this new thing called Uber??

Are you surprised to hear that John Stamos was arrested for DUI?


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