Little Girl's Meeting With Queen Looks Painful -- Like, Ouch! (VIDEO)

maisie and the queenIf you're a 6-year-old girl in England who's clearly spent a lot of time practicing your curtsy, meeting the Queen is probably going to be the absolute biggest moment of your whole little life. I mean, hello?! She's the Queen!! That's like meeting Santa Claus, or Victoria Beckham. So it was for little Maisie, who had the good (sort of) fortune of meeting Queen Elizabeth on Thursday -- except Maisie had probably never imagined getting slapped upside the head as part of her fantasy royal encounter.


Everything went smoothly enough at first: The Queen walked up to Maisie, Maisie gave her a bouquet of flowers and rocked that awesome curtsy we were talking about, cameras flashed, and then the Queen walked away. Everything would have been fine if the whole episode ended there, but nope -- instead, a soldier standing next to Maisie raised his hand in salute and unwittingly smacked the poor kid -- hard enough to knock her hat off her head -- in the process. NOOOO!!! See the sorrowful occurence here:

Oh, poor Maisie!! Apparently the soldier immediately turned around to make sure she was okay, but she was still "overcome with emotion."

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Well, I should think so! That actually looked like it hurt, and for the blow to have come at such an unexpected moment undoubtedly only added to the sting. (It's sort of hilarious that the Queen didn't even notice, though. She is pretty old, to be fair.)

Has your kid ever had an experience like this one? 


Image via YouTube

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