Kim Kardashian's Booty Is Making Headlines In a Bizarre Way

Kim Kardashian's ample bottom has sparked a lot of conversation over the years but never has it provided the actual canvas to express the news of the day ... until now.


Newly launched website, The Big Ass News, is using images of Kim's booty as the backdrop for serious news stories. Their tagline is, "A huge platform for important news."


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The site, which currently has posts about such topics as Gaza and a Nepal landslide splashed across the reality star's derriere, was founded by Jennifer Garcia and Carl Larsson, who told Newsweek:

We want to use that 'huge platform' that Kardashian has in the media to spread awareness for news we should pay attention to a a global community.

It's an interesting gimmick that obviously has a lot of potential for publicity given Kim's high-profile butt, but is it really necessary? Once you get past the initial shock value of the idea, there's no news here that you couldn't find someplace else as it's just aggregating content from other sites. It also feels like poking fun at Kim would get real old, real fast. But maybe that's just me.

If they created their own content that was well-written perhaps they'd have a chance at staying power, but I feel like this site has a pretty limited shelf life.

Would you read news just because it was splashed across Kim's butt?

Images via Charles Sykes/Bravo and The Big Ass News

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