Jenna Jameson Converts to Judaism for Her man But We're Not Buying It

Famed adult film star Jenna Jameson has apparently decided to convert to Judaism. I'm not sure which is more bizarre -- that someone who makes a living by having sex on film wants to become more religious, or the fact that she has always considered herself extremely devoted, albeit to Catholicism.


Call me crazy, but I just have a hard time reconciling Judeo-Christian values with the porn industry. 

What I have the hardest time with, however, is that Jameson seems to be converting for the new man in her life, her fiance Lior Bitton. He's a native of Herzliya, and a jewelry store owner in Los Angeles -- and oh yeah, he has quite the checkered past.

In 2010, the 41-year-old was arrested for insurance fraud, after allegedly falsely reporting the theft of a 4.21-carat diamond from his store. After he collected $99,000 from insurance company, he was caught attempting to sell the gem to a wholesaler in Israel. Whoops.

Bitton pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to five days in jail, 90 days of house arrest, and three years of formal probation. He also had to pay back the $99,00 in restitution.

So there's that information. Again -- the jewel theif and the porn star sounds more like a dime-store novel than a Jewish wedding invitation ... but hey, maybe they've changed their ways?

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It just seems unlikely that she's actually converting, since doing so is incredibly difficult, and not many Rabbis will work with people to official convert. A good friend of mine is a gem of a woman, and even though she could trace her Jewish roots, she had a heck of a time finding someone to guide her through the process and welcome her to the faith when she decided to convert.

So I'll just take the news of Jenna Jameson becoming Jewish with a grain of salt, thank you very much.

Do you think Jenna is actually converting to Judaism?


Image via Jenna Jameson/Instagram

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