Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs Are Fighting Over Kristen Stewart's Wedding Invitation

Is Robert Pattinson purposely trying to stir up trouble between himself and fiance FKA Twigs? I can't think of any other reason why he would reportedly pull this bonehead move: rumor has it he is desperately trying to get ex Kristen Stewart onto his wedding guest list — and Twigs is furious.


I love K-Stew and I'll defend her and her talent until the bitter end, but facts are facts: she cheated on Rob and publicly humiliated him after years of dating. Granted, it's mature of Rob to put all of that behind him and to actually want to be on friendly terms with her — but that's what an occasional email or cup of coffee is for — your wedding is too sacred to share with an ex that gets on your new girlfriend's nerve.

Which is exactly what we hear is going on here. Kristen and Rob may be at a point in their lives where they're ready to entend olive branches, but FKA reportedly went nuts when they were going over the guest list and she noticed the Twilight actress' name on it. Now, I'm guessing Rob didn't just drop in her name in the hopes FKA wouldn't notice, but dude, she couldn't make this any more clear to you: she doesn't want to say her vows with your ex sitting in the audience.

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Rob reportedly thinks FKA is overreacting. Perhaps she is — Kristen still seems to be going hot and heavy with Alicia Cargile and it doesn't sound like she's pining away for Rob. But that isn't the point. If the bride feels even the slightest bit anxious about you inviting your ex to the wedding, you simply regard her wishes and let it go.

Do you think Rob should be allowed to invite Kristen to his wedding?


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