Derick Dillard’s Sudden Post-Scandal Job Change Sure Is Mysterious

derek dillard nepalJust days after Jill Dillard spoke to the media about her childhood molestation by her brother, Josh Duggar, her husband Derick Dillard left his job at Walmart. Dillard worked in the tax department. Is his departure a coincidence, or is it related to the recent scandal?


Dillard's only comment has been the following statement: "I have recently accepted a position outside of Walmart and am no longer working for the company."

We don't know yet where Dillard's new place of employment is. And we don't know if his job change is related in any way to his wife's recent revelation. It very well could be that another opportunity came his way at the very same time. But it's also easy to imagine that the publicity became too much of a distraction at his job.

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I would hope his colleagues were being respectful. Dillard was praising his employer just this March as he celebrated his one-year anniversary with the company via an Instagram post. But I imagine that it would be incredibly uncomfortable for all of your colleagues to know such intimate details about his wife's past. You would just want to go into hiding for a while, wouldn't you?

Anyway, I do hope Dillard has some other plans lined up. He has a family to support. It could be that he and Jill are returning to Nepal to volunteer with the earthquake recovery. Or maybe his new position is with a 19 Kids and Counting spin-off.

Why do you think Derick Dillard left Walmart?


Image via Derick Dillard/Instagram 

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