Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Gift From Kanye West Is the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Kim Kardashian

Even though she's gorgeous and rich and has anything and everything she could possibly want, I've never really wanted to switch places with Kim Kardashian. Until now. According to reports, Kanye West recently purchased unlimited prenatal massages for his pregnant wife. As in, as many massages that she could possibly want. What a dude! 


An insider told Hollywood Life that in order to help his wife relax from her super hectic schedule, Kanye found out who the best of the best was and booked her for Kim on a regular basis -- and yes, it's a "her," as it's also reported that Kanye refused to let his wife have a male masseuse. Kind of can't blame him there -- what man wouldn't love massaging Kim Kardashian down?!

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According to a source, "[The massages] have been helping Kim relax which is what her doctors have been encouraging her to do. Kanye did his research and hired one of the top prenatal massage therapists in the business. The massages have also been helping Kim sleep better." Man, talk about lucky! What pregnant woman wouldn't kill for this luxurious kind of treatment?

As far as gifts go, Kanye really hit it out of the park with this one. Sure, diamonds and pretty shoes are nice, but when you're carrying around a baby -- and already have a toddler! -- there really couldn't possibly be anything better! Well-done, Yeezy. 

How awesome is this?

Image via Khrome/Splash News

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