Caitlyn Jenner Turns Heads in Skinny Jeans & Boots for Latest Speaking Gig

Caitlyn Jenner is living up to her word and serving as a role model and inspiration for the transgender community. The 65-year-old former Olympic medalist spoke to teens on Tuesday at the Los Angeles LGBT Center and, in true Jenner fashion, looked smashing. Entertainment Tonight snagged images of Caitlyn wearing skinny jeans, black boots, and red lipstick, and holy moly, she proved a vision with an important message.


Jenner, who recently revealed she has no plans to star in her own reality TV show, but would like to produce shows that empower the transgender community, spent about two hours touring the LGBT Center and speaking with people on Tuesday. Just two weeks after officially coming out as a woman via Vanity Fair (with a most gorgeous cover photo), she isn't wasting any time getting down to business and using her fame for the greater good: she reportedly took part in roundtable and one-on-one discussions with members of the organization, which included young clients in its development and mentoring programs.

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Jenner also reportedly donated some of her clothing to the LGBT center and spoke at length with the program manager from the Transgender Economic Empowerment Project, which helps transgender men and women with employment opportunities.

Her outreach efforts precede what will be an important moment in reality TV history: on July 28, E! News will release I Am Cait, a one-hour, eight-part documentary that will detail Jenner's transformation and struggle.

Jenner is the perfect motivational speaker for both older people who realized at an advanced age that they weren't living their lives embodying the gender that feels right for them, and young teens, who are probably more familiar with Kylie and Kendall's lives than those of their friends. Both groups are going to listen when Jenner speaks. Bravo to her for making good on her promise to help raise awareness for transgender people.

What do you think about Caitlyn Jenner's latest outreach effort — and her outfit?


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