Princess Charlotte Is an 'Easy' Baby Who Already Sleeps Through the Night

kate middleton

Just when you thought Kate Middleton couldn't possibly have a better life, it's revealed that Princess Charlotte is sleeping through the night. Yes, the newest royal -- who's a little over a month old -- is already allowing her mom and dad to catch some much-needed zzz's. 


On Wednesday, at a tea party with World War II veterans at Clarence House in London, Prince Charles revealed that Charlotte has been much easier on the Duke and Duchess than Prince George was. This is a good thing, since a few weeks ago when Prince William was asked how his daughter was sleeping, he revealed that she was keeping them up at night -- as to be expected. 

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After Prince George was born, we heard many stories about how the royal tot was a terrible sleeper who kept his parents up constantly. I'm sure both William and Kate were worried about what they would get with baby number two, but it looks like the sleep gods have smiled upon them. Also, it's been reported that they have a lot more help this go round, so I'm sure that certainly helps. 

Glad that things are working out for the Duke and Duchess in the baby sleep department. No matter how fortunate and blessed you are, being up with a crying baby all night is pretty terrible. They should be aware, though, that just because Charlotte is sleeping well now, it doesn't mean that things won't change. (Teething, anyone?) Sorry, guys. Fingies crossed for you!

Are you surprised that Charlotte is sleeping through the night?

Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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