Kanye West Has No Choice but to Abandon Pregnant Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Fresh off the happy news that they're reportedly having a baby boy (Kanye, Jr., anyone?), gossip is totally raining on the couple's parade with rumors claiming that Kanye West is abandoning Kim Kardashian for the summer ... on purpose.


Kanye is scheduled to tour Europe this summer, you know, as musicians will do from time to time because it's quite literally their job, but RadarOnline insinuates Yeezy's trek across the pond was timed because he knew Kim would most likely not be able to join him.

Poor Kimmy is rumored to be suffering through a nasty bout of morning sickness with her second pregnancy, so it makes sense that she needs to stick close to home in Los Angeles, plus she has her own work engagements to deal with.

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Personally, I find these accusations to be pretty ridiculous. How could Kanye possibly know that Kim would be freshly pregnant in time for his summer tour? These things are planned far in advance and considering the couple's fertility struggles to make this pregnancy happen, I'm pretty sure Kim is just thrilled she has the opportunity to have another child regardless of whether her hubs can be by her side for the duration of her second trimester. 

Pregnancy happens, people, and for many of us we'll just take it when we can get it. There's rarely such a thing as a perfectly timed pregnancy.

Let's cut Kanye some slack for the time being, shall we?

Do you think Kanye is really trying to abandon a pregnant Kim?

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