Kate Middleton's 'High Heel' Secret Is Pretty Genius

kate middleton

Ever wonder how Kate Middleton manages to look completely flawless 24/7? Even throughout her two pregnancies? (Aside from the fact that she's, you know, insanely rich and has people to do her hair and makeup every day?) Well, now we know! Well, we know one of her secrets. The Duchess uses inserts in all of her high heels. Smart!


Kate Middleton apparently is a fan of Alice Bow insoles. According to a source, "Kate recently bought several pairs of Alice Bow insoles at the Selfridges department store in London. She picked up versions of the insole for both flat shoes and heels in an assortment of colors." They added, "The Duchess is a fan of the brand."

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It's funny, we always see all of these celebrities, including Kate Middleton, traipsing around in high heels all day with nary a hint of pain in sight. Being that high heels are crazy uncomfy, many of us often wonder how these women manage to do it. Insoles! Well, insoles for the Duchess at least. 

No doubt, these Alice Bow insoles will sell out in no time, as everything else does each time it's reported that Kate Middleton is a fan. At $20 a pop, though, it's a pretty good investment -- especially if they make standing in heels all day a little more bearable. Thanks for the tip, Duchy!

Do you wear insoles in your heels?

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