Kate Middleton Reportedly Forbids Camilla Parker-Bowles From Seeing Her Children

Just how much contention is between Kate Middleton and her step-mother-in-law Camilla Parker-Bowles? Apparently enough that the Duchess has banned her from seeing Prince George, and even meeting Princess Charlotte.


OK, so this info is from The Globe, so take it with a giant grain of salt. But according to the British rag, Prince William recently became so enraged after hearing that his step-mum cheated on his dad, Prince Charles, that he put his foot down about her spending any time with his children.

Rumor has it that Camilla has been stepping out on Charlie, and was even photographed kissing her secret boyfriend in an antique shop. This writer has not seen said picture, and also doubts that Camilla would cheat on Charles after everything she endured to finally get him in the end. But stranger things have happened, of course.

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Anyway, a source said that Will was "enraged" over Camilla's behavior, and decreed that she may not see his children -- a command that Kate was happy to agree with. The insider claimed, "William raged that this was the final nail in Camilla's coffin, and she had humiliated Charles and the royal family for the last time."

He allegedly asked his wife, "How can we trust her after this?"

The source continued, claiming that William said, "I don't want her anywhere near George and Charlotte, she’s banned!" They said, "William and Kate would be happy never to set eyes on her again."

It's hard to believe that any of this is true, if for o other reason than the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seem to value serenity above all else. They have famously eschewed the typical royal treatment in favor of raising their kids as normally as possible. It just doesn't seem likely that either of them would fly into a rage over a rumor.

Do you think Kate and Will really banned Camilla from seeing their children?


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