Caitlyn Jenner's Reality TV Days Might Be Numbered

Caitlyn Jenner has big plans for the future — but she isn't willing to step on Kris Jenner's toes or take the spotlight away from her daughters for the benefit of her own career and fame. While many are wondering whether she will star in her own reality TV show after the July 28 premiere of I Am Cait, an eight-part, one-hour documentary series, sources say she has solid plans that absolutely do not include Kris or other family members.


Jenner reportedly believes that a Keeping Up With the Kardashians spin-off, featuring her living her new life as Caitlyn, is "tasteless" and might steal some of her family's thunder — something she isn't interested in doing. In fact, it seems her number one priority is protecting her family and not doing anything that might hurt them and, yes, she is concerned about Kris' well-being, too. No hard feelings there, at least as far as Caitlyn is concerned.

So, what will she do with her new-found fame? Expect to see Caitlyn involved in reality TV shows and documentaries, but not necessarily as a star. She is reportedly in talks with several TV networks about serving as an executive producer on programs that will promote transgender awareness. 

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Good for Caitlyn for using her fame to educate people about transgender issues and foster understanding and tolerance. She seems to understand she has a unique platform that she can use to help others and I applaud her for valuing that over her own fame and personal gain.

What do you think Caitlyn Jenner should do next?


Image via Vanity Fair/Twitter


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