Kylie Jenner Claims Kris Jenner Cut Her Off Financially at a Crazy Young Age

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It isn't easy being Kylie Jenner. Not only do you have a bazillion gorgeous older sisters, your mean old mom cuts you off financially when you're just 14-years-old. What a jerk! In a new interview with InStyle UK, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star said, "My mom cut me off financially three years ago so I pay for everything -- my car, my gas and food as well as my clothes." Wut?


It's no secret that Kylie can be, well, a bit of a brat to her mother. If you've ever seen an episode of KUWTK, she's always snapping at Kris and making snide comments. And if that isn't a enough, she recently said in an interview with Grazia magazine, "Khloe is more of a mom to me than my mom is sometimes. My mom is all about being friends." Ouch!

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Being that Kylie is worth an estimated $4 million, I don't think it's all that crazy that Kris cut her off when she did (and if she did). Also, Kylie fails to mention that she's been living in her mother's mansion -- for free -- her entire life. I highly doubt Kris had Kylie paying for utilities or made her fork over cash very time she sat down to one of the fancy, chef-prepared meals. I'm thinking what really happened was that Kylie paid for her own food when she goes out to eat and buys her own clothes when she goes to the mall or wherever the cool kids are buying their clothes these days. And you know what? That sounds like a lot of 14-year-olds who have jobs. 

Kris Jenner definitely leaves a few things to be desired, but man, Kylie is rough on her sometimes. Hopefully, this is just a phase that she'll look back on one day and think, "Geez, I was kind of a jerk."

Do you think Kylie was truly "cut off" at 14?

Image via Kylie Jenner/Instagram

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