Prince Harry Might RSVP to Princess Charlotte's Christening With a 'Will Not Attend'

The royal family takes their christenings pretty seriously (if the 169-year-old christening gown is any indication), but Prince Harry might be conspicuously absent from next month's ceremony for Princess Charlotte. What!! Why?!


People reports that Harry will be in Africa volunteering with world-class veterinarians and saving rhinos. So that's pretty respectable, we suppose ... and Charlotte won't remember the slight anyways, right?

But Charlotte's christening is "family and friends only," so it'll probably be pretty small (at least on the royal scale), and it seems like Harry might be missed.

He is slated to be one of Charlotte's godparents, after all, and that official list will be announced when Charlotte is christened on July 5. AND he missed Charlotte's birth while he was on a royal tour in New Zealand. Worst potential godparent eeevvveerrr.

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Nah, just kidding. Prince Harry is a busy guy and this doesn't mean he loves his niece any less. Right?

Also, it's all just speculation for now -- after he announced in March that he was leaving the army, Harry said that he was excited to start work in Africa sticking up for wildlife rights. But he hasn't given an official timeline for any of this, so though it's rumored that he'll be way outta Britain by the end of June, we don't know anything for sure.

That means there's still a chance he'll stick around for Charlotte's christening, and we have hope that he'll be there. It seems like a very strange thing for an uncle to be absent for, and an even stranger thing for a potential godparent-to-be to skip out on. 

Do you think Prince Harry will leave for Africa before Charlotte's christening?


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