Jennifer Lopez Is Getting Sued for Being Too Bootylicious (VIDEO)

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If there's one thing you can expect from a Jennifer Lopez concert, it's lots and lots of booty-shaking (after all, the diva is known for her considerable derriere). But apparently all the twerk-tastic dance moves at a recent J.Lo concert in Morocco came as quite the unpleasant surprise to her host country, because now the singer is actually being sued on the grounds that her performance "disturbed public order and tarnished women's honor and respect."



Um, what were they expecting, exactly?! It seems like an extremely odd complaint given that Lopez has performed in Morocco before. The only difference is that this time, the concert was broadcast on public TV -- meaning all that public order-disturbing, women's honor-tarnishing choreography apparently reached a way wider audience in the country than ever before. The suit was filed by an "education group" (?!), and if Lopez is found guilty (which totally won't happen), she could face up to two years in prison!!

Here's a clip of the performance -- does this look like something Lopez deserves to be locked up for?!

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Yup, looks like a Jennifer Lopez concert. The whole thing is just completely ridiculous, not to mention an unfortunate reminder of the persistence of global misogyny. I mean, seriously -- you're gonna tell me a few back-up dancers in skimpy outfits actually "disturbed public order" to the point where a lawsuit needed to be filed? If I were J.Lo, I wouldn't be too eager to go back to Morocco -- which of course would be completely unfair to her Moroccan fans, but still.

Are you surprised to hear that Jennifer Lopez is being sued for her racy Moroccan performance?


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