Kim Kardashian Goes on Strict Diet to Prevent Scary Pregnancy Complication

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Guess who didn't get to indulge on National Donut Day? A morning sickness-plagued Kim Kardashian, that's who! But it wasn't just a case of the queasies that kept Kim from starting her day with a sugary treat (donuts were reportedly the star's go-to breakfast during her pregnancy with daughter North, at least once the morning sickness phase passed): Kim's also trying a whole new prenatal diet this time around, in the hopes of avoiding a potentially serious complication ... preeclampsia.


The 34-year-old reality star suffered from the high blood pressure disorder during her first pregnancy, which means she's more likely to develop the condition with baby #2 -- and that's pretty scary. (Complications associated with preeclampsia include everything from premature birth to seizures to stroke.) So Kim's reportedly taking "drastic" dietary measures to keep her blood pressure down, including starting every day with a protein shake instead of a donut, keeping her sodium intake low, and drinking lots and lots of water. She's also hired a nutritionist to devise a weekly meal plan, which should help to take some of the guesswork out of her resolution to eat healthy.

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Okay, those don't actually sound like particularly drastic measures -- more like sensible ones. But good for Kim! She's learned what not to do from her first pregnancy, and she's committed to doing things differently this time. Of course, every pregnancy is different; chances are she won't face the exact same physical challenges she did with North anyway. A variety of factors influence each individual pregnancy experience, like the baby's gender (if those old wives are to be believed). And rumor has it Kim is hoping to decorate the nursery blue! (She's also rumored to be finding out the baby's gender later this month.)

Did you suffer from preeclampsia during pregnancy?


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