'Bruce Jenner Lane' Residents Conflicted About Changing Street Name to Caitlyn

Bruce Jenner lane

In east El Paso, Texas, there is a neighborhood with streets named after sports heroes, and another in Austin where all the roads are named after Olympians. In both neighborhoods, there is a Bruce Jenner Lane. Residents are split on whether or not the name of the street should be changed to reflect Bruce's name change to Caitlyn.


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As a woman who went through all the trouble of changing my name when I got married, and then had to go through the trouble of changing my name back when I got divorced, I will say that name changing is a bit of an annoyance. Plus, I move a lot -- always have (I suppose I'm part-gypsy) and have filled out more address change forms than I care to admit. Notifying everyone of these changes (bills, magazine subscriptions, favorite Aunts so you still get the cool holiday cards) is a pain. But it's do-able. Changing a street name should be no big deal. Right?

One resident of Bruce Jenner Lane, Bianca Duran, said, "I don't think they should change the name, because the street was named after he was an Olympian, and who he is now doesn't change who he was in the past." I bet she's thinking of the annoyance of changing everything. But she does have a point. What to do here?

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I'm not sure this should be up to the residents. I think we need to ask Caitlyn. Her thoughts should be a part of the discussion. As it turns out, this is a city council matter and they are said to be thinking it over. Maybe we should start a #consultCaitlyn to get her opinion on the matter.

What do you think? Should the street name change as well?

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