The Olympic Hall of Fame Will Erase 'Bruce Jenner' ... If Caitlyn Wants

bruce jenner

Ever since Bruce became Caitlyn Jenner, a controversy has raged over whether she can keep her 1976 Olympic gold medal and her Olympic Hall of Fame Title. Well, the Olympic Committee has spoken ... and not everyone is going to like the answer.


According to Patrick Sandusky, spokesperson for the US Olympic Committee, they would be willing to update the hall of fame name to Caitlyn. All she'd have to do is file a formal request, which would be reviewed by a Committee for the official okay.

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Only with Caitlyn make such a request? So far, that's unknown. Nonetheless, it's nice to know she can if she wants.

In my mind, of course Caitlyn should be allowed keep her medal and Olympic Hall of Fame title, because she worked hard for these things! It would be a shame to negate all those hours of sweat and tears.

As for whether Caitlyn will want to, I think she should. Just because you change your gender doesn't mean you toss out everything from your old life. Plenty of good things lie in Caitlyn's past, from her athletic accomplishments to kids (which may explain why she still lets her kids call her "dad"). She should be proud of them, and hold onto them moving forward.

Do you think Caitlyn Jenner should keep her Olympic title?


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