Kim Kardashian Is Giving Up Doughnuts, High Heels & Other Important Stuff

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One of the great things about Kim Kardashian is that she's honest as hell. Despite being considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, Kim still admits that she has insecurities -- and what she does to combat them. In a recent interview, Kim revealed that she wears two pairs of Spanx sometimes.


It's crazy to think that someone with such a perfect physique would resort to that, but goes to show you -- everyone has their issues!

In a recent interview with Elle, Kim copped to doubling up on the shapewear. She also admit that this pregnancy, to put it bluntly, she doesn't give a f*ck. "Earlier today, I was wearing these pregnancy Spanx," Kim told the mag on June 2. "And they were newer, so they weren't really the color tone of what I used to wear, and so you totally saw through, and I was just like 'F--- it, I'm more comfortable in that and it's just going to be one of those days' -- I wasn't feeling good."

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Kim also talked about how her weight fluctuated before she got pregnant from all of the hormones she was taking, so it was then that she decided to sport two pairs of Spanx. "Sometimes I wear two pairs [of Spanx] under something or stockings," she said. "It holds you in. And when you go on all these hormones and stuff, before I felt like [like] I was trying everything, so I was getting bigger and bigger and I was like 'No, I'm not pregnant yet, I need to be skinny.' So, I was definitely insecure."

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And, lastly, and perhaps most endearing, the reality star admit to doing something many of us do at the end of the day: Unbuttoning her pants. "Sometimes I'll wear something and I'll get inside and be like 'Oh my God, I want to take these shoes off,'" Kim revealed. "'That was not normal, I can't wear these, I need to just leave and take them off.' So it might look good in the picture, but I get them and then like, I've got to be normal and like unbutton my pants when I get in the car."

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Is it just me or does Kim seem A) much more confident this pregnancy, and B) likable as hell in this interview? I loved this! It's really cool that someone as stunning as Kim admit to all of these things, proving that, in some ways, she really is just like us. 

From the sound of things, this pregnancy is going to be much better and filled with less pressure for Kim than her last. (In the interview, she even said she plans on wearing flats this time around!) It's going to be a pleasure to watch her baby bump -- and her style! -- grow in the upcoming months. Hopefully, the media will lay off her this go round. But if they don't, it sounds like Kim really doesn't care. Good for her. 

Do you think Kim is making changes for the better?

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