Duggars Reveal the Drastic ‘Safeguards’ Used to Keep Girls Safe After Molestation

jim bob and michelle duggar

There's been much talk today of how Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar downplayed the severity of son Josh's molestation of four of their daughters when talking to Fox News' Megyn Kelly (the couple opted for the term "improper touching" over "sexual molestation," for one thing). But a quick look at the design of the Duggars' custom built home proves just how seriously they took Josh's actions -- and how afraid they were of something like that happening again.


Four years after Jim Bob and Michelle learned about what Josh did to Jessa, Jill and two other daughters (not to mention a babysitter), the Duggars built a 7,000 square foot home in Arkansas with some very telling design features: Not only are the girls' and boys' bedrooms located at opposite ends of the floor, the girls' room is "blocked" by the parents' master suite -- and is only accessible by a highly visible catwalk over the living room. (So, basically, if any of the boys want to get to the girls' room, they have to cross the catwalk and walk past their parents' bedroom and Michelle's office.)

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I'm guessing these are the "safeguards" the Duggars mentioned when talking to Megyn Kelly about what they did to deal with the Josh situation, but those are some pretty intense measures to take. (I mean, I don't know about you, but when they brought up "safeguards" I was picturing deadbolts and padlocks, not major architectural structures!) Jim Bob and Michelle can downplay what Josh did all they want -- insisting that the girls were sleeping and therefore unaware when the aforementioned "improper touching" took place, for example -- but the fact that they actually designed their house to prevent something like that from happening again proves they took the whole thing pretty seriously. 

And another thing -- since all the boys were essentially sequestered, does that mean Jim Bob and Michelle were afraid one (or more) of their other sons would follow in their big brother's footsteps? Between the design of this house and other weird preventative measures (like the girls not being allowed to wear bathing suits because of the sinful thoughts they might cause in men), it seems like the Duggars just don't believe males can control their impulses at all -- and that the only answer is to hide and/or lock up all the girls. It's just so upsetting to contemplate. 

Do you think the design of the Duggar house proves how disturbed Jim Bob and Michelle really were by what Josh did?


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