Princess Charlotte Already Deemed Unfit to Be Queen

princess charlottePrincess Charlotte is just a month old and she is already being told she can't be Queen. (By Canadians.) I think it's a little early to start putting limitations on children. We are supposed to tell them they can be whatever they want to be!


Then when they want to be a pro skateboarder and we see how clumsy they are when riding, that's when we re-direct to something else like pianist. While that's not exactly what's going on here with the Royal family, there is a dispute in Canada over who should rule once the time comes. No Queen status for you, little Charlotte!

It all has to do with Canada being biased to male rule and banning marriage to Catholics. The drama! Britain tried to get all they rule together in harmony, but Canada is being a stickler and being discriminatory against women and those who marry Roman Catholics. We'll know what happens with this in the courts in about 10 days.

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Just how this affects Princess Charlotte's dreams of being Queen? She's currently fourth in line for the throne. And she's a girl -- so that's bad news. (Do they really hate the Queen that much in Canada?!) No Queens in Cananda. If Kate and Will have another baby and it's a boy, Charlotte would even be passed over for her chance to rule by her younger brother.

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Things get even weirder because it would just be Canada where this happens, not Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and the other Royal-loving countries. So ... in all those years from now ... if everything aligns, there could be a Queen Charlotte everywhere except for in Canada where it would be King Charlotte's little brother. What a royal pain in the butt. Thank goodness our little Princess doesn't have to think about all this just yet. Keep dreaming of being Queen, Charlotte!

What do you think of this royal ridiculousness?


Image via Samir Hussein/WireImage

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