Twitter Blasts Michelle and Jim Bob for Caring More About Josh Than Their Girls

jim bob and michelle duggar

If we learned one thing from  Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's controversial interview with Fox News' Megyn Kelly, it's that the reality TV parents seemed far more concerned with what son Josh's "improper touching" (their term, not mine) of their daughters meant for Josh, not the girls. 


Indeed, the couple claims that the media's attention has been far more hurtful to their daughters than what Josh did, and that Josh, while clearly in the wrong, was "just curious about girls." 

And while I have no doubt that having this horrible traumatic experience from the past dredged up and thrown into the spotlight is doing all sorts of damage to the Duggar girls, I can't agree that the initial assault was less harmful -- nor does it feel anywhere close to okay to write Josh's actions off as a result of mere curiosity. But at least there's a silver lining to all the attention for the Jill and Jessa (the only girls identified thus far): All kinds of people -- fans and non-fans alike -- are coming out in support of the victims ... and it's about time someone did! Here are just a few of the pro-Duggar daughters tweets we found:

Absolutely true:

Seriously, what about the other girls?

And of course, the daughters might have suffered even more than their parents want to believe:

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This is just pure common sense:

(Also, somebody wishes the Duggars would stop acting like He's on their side, for God's sake!)

I hope the Duggar daughters can at least find some comfort in this outpouring of support.

Do you think the Duggars were being supportive enough of their girls in the interview?


Image via Duggar Family Official/Facebook

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