Kim Kardashian Talks Twins: Listen Up

kim kardashian

Aye aye aye. Can the woman live? Now that Kim Kardashian has announced her second pregnancy, unsurprisingly, the rumors have begun. From "Kim using a surrogate" to "being pregnant with twins," the gossip mill is working overtime these days -- and Kim, understandably, is sick of it. 


After going on a Twitter rant earlier on this week, Kim is now speaking out against the twin rumor that's going around. And you've gotta hand it to her, she's not taking any crap this time around.

When a reporter asked her at an event for Hype Energy Drinks if she was expecting twins, Kim quickly shot back, "That's a ridiculous rumor." She then added, "I can’t wait till my website’s up so I can just say whatever I want, when I want."

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It really seems like every single time a celebrity announces their pregnancy, a short time later a "twin" rumor makes an appearance. I mean, come on. Can't we all just enjoy and be happy for Kim without piling on the extra gossip? I'm sure if Kim were expecting twins, she'd let us know. The woman is nothing if not an open book. 

No doubt, in the upcoming months, we can all expect to hear rumors every day about what's going on with Kim and her pregnancy. And apparently, we also can all expect to hear Kim's rebuttals of these ridiculous rumors -- because, as she said it herself, don't mess with pregnant Keeks. 

Do you think Kim is having twins?

Image via  Johns PKI/Splash News

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