10 Biggest Revelations From the Duggars' Interview With Megyn Kelly

Since the original news broke that Josh Duggar molested five girls when he was a teenager, the Duggar family has dealt with the scandal like the well-trained public figures that they are: They gave apologetic statements right away, but stayed pretty quiet other than that ... until now (dun dun dun).


Fox News' Megyn Kelly scored an interview with Jim Bob and Michelle, and she used the hour she had to ask them all the questions we've been dying to know since the scandal broke. 

As you might expect, the Duggars didn't let slip any information that they didn't really have to. They did this by spending most of their time talking in circles, naturally, but here are the big things they did confirm:

  1. The girls didn't even know that they were molested. Jim Bob and Michelle were actually the ones to break the news to Jill, Jessa, and the others because the girls were asleep when Josh touched them for the first time. Is that kind of messed up? You betcha. 
  2. The youngest victim was younger than 10 years old. No names were named, but Michelle and Jim Bob did confirm that Josh's youngest victim was in single digits when the incidents took place.
  3. Even after admitting he was wrong, Josh went back and did it again. That's after being punished repeatedly. And it got worse the longer this went on. That kind of behavior might sound familiar for a 3 year old, but a 14 year old? We suspected this already, but jeez.
  4. Jim Bob and Michelle didn't feel like they had to report anything to the police. As parents, they felt they weren't "mandatory reporters" and they ultimately went to the police more because they wanted Josh to admit wrongdoing than for the victim's sake. Not sure that's legally sound logic, but at least they went eventually.

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  5. Jim Bob did know most of the police officers in the area, but he didn't know anything about the one they talked to. So it was just lucky that they ran into someone they didn't know, and even more lucky that their case was never investigated thoroughly because the officer was conveniently arrested.
  6. Jim Bob and Michelle started their reality show only because they thought the records were sealed. Which means they were assured this would disappear forever, which means they thought they were safe from the press. Jim Bob's phrase was, "We had this taken care of."
  7. They think they press is out to get them. Michelle said she thought the media had "an agenda" to "hurt and slander" the Duggars, which, well, isn't true. It's not slander if it's the truth.
  8. They might try and sue the people who leaked the police reports. Jim Bob said they're "talking to attorneys," so we'll see what that means, but Jim Bob was upset that people aren't as mad about the illegally leaked reports than they are about his son's crimes.
  9. Jill and Jessa are upset that this is all coming out now. All we got was a quick preview of their interview (which will air on Friday), but Jill seemed pretty upset about something and they made it sound like it was about having to deal with this so far after the fact.
  10. They're at peace now. And that's with or without the cameras. (This, by the way, was their non-answer to the question, "What's the future for the Duggars?")

Is there anything else you wanted the Duggars to talk about that they missed?


Image via Duggar Family Official/Facebook

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