'Twilight' Hunk Kellan Lutz Confesses What He Wants in a Wife & We're Stunned

Attention single ladies! Hunky Hollywood heartthrob Kellan Lutz is on the lookout for a wife, and he's apparently looking for a woman of substance and values. Swoon! While most 30-year-olds in Tinseltown are more concerned with partying, the Twilight star is already thinking about settling down.


Lutz called into On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday to promote his new show Bullseye, but was sidetracked by the rumors that he briefly dated Miley Cyrus last year. He quickly dodged the questions about that, and then shocked us all by admitting that he's in the market for a wife.

"[I'm] looking for that wifey, Ryan," Lutz said. "Man, I want to find my potential wife that I can make those memories with and be engaged with for a couple of years and start that life."

Side note: Kellan, if you're reading, I'm single. Just saying. I promise to only raz you twice a week about playing a sparkly vampire. Maybe three times. But that's it.

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He continued, "I'm 30! I know it's young in Hollywood standard, but my mom was like, 'I need some grandkids!' I'm in no rush, Ry, but I want to meet that non-crazy girl that are kind of plentiful here in L.A."

So what kind of non-crazy girl is he on the lookout for? Someone with faith, apparently. "I'm running in some very good circles actually. I'm a man of faith so I've been trying to put a lot of my time in those circles versus the Hollywood crowd," he confessed. "My values are at the top of my list so might as well find someone who shares in those. I've been really searching. Its so hard to find a woman who is career driven with an ambitious attitude, someone who is proactive."

Well, now that Kellan has put it out there, I'm sure he'll have no shortage of ladies willing to show him just how ambitious and proactive they are. By the way, Kellan? You can pick me up at eight.

Are you surprised by Kellan Lutz's "dream girl"?


Image via Kellan Lutz/Twitter

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