Kate Middleton Spotted Hanging With Her Special Guy & Charlotte's Nowhere In Sight

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Kate Middleton is making sure her son George doesn't forget that he's a Prince -- the mom of two took time away from her one-month-old daughter Princess Charlotte to have a playdate just with her son. And the details are fit for a ... King. Onlookers spotted Kate and George wearing matching green coats, dark jeans, and boots! As if it couldn't get any cuter than that, mum and son were playing monster together.


It's just too bad there weren't photos of the event. Matching outfits? Kate acting like a monster? She sure seems like an incredible mom.

Just what is this game of "monster" you wonder? I wondered, too. Kate was playing a little game of chase with her nearly 2-year-old boy at London's Holland Park. A bystander said, "It looked like she was pretending to be a monster, flailing her arms about and chasing him. She was play-acting just like all mums do and he was running around loving it – he looked very happy."

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And how could he not be? The past month gave the little Prince a lot of changes -- he has a sister now, meaning he has to share mommy and daddy with his sibling. This isn't easy for all kids -- sometimes there is jealousy. My own mom likes to tell the story that when she came home with my baby sister for the first time, I asked, "Does she have to live with us now?" I wan't very happy about it ... at first. It's clear Kate is doing all she can to make sure George knows that there will always be time for him, which is something all kids need.

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Next up will no doubt be a moment in the park when Kate is out just with Princess Charlotte. We have so many firsts to look forward to!

Do you have more than one child, too? How do you make solo time with each?

Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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