Jon Stewart Nails the Biggest Problem About Caitlyn Jenner's Transition (VIDEO)

jon stewart daily show brave new girl jennerIt's been just a couple of days since Caitlyn Jenner made her debut, and so far it's been mostly a warm, welcoming bath of support and cheer from the media. And that's super, because as Jon Stewart reminded us last night, now that Caitlyn is a woman her looks will be all anyone cares about. 


Last night on the Daily Show Stewart remarked on how amazing it is that the media has "wasted no time in treating her like a woman." And by treating her like a woman, he means gawkin' and talkin' about her body. "When you were a man we could talk about your athleticism and your business acumen. But now you're a woman, and your looks are really the only thing we care about."

The second phase of Jenner's transition, Stewart continues, is "Comparative F***ability." Yes, she looks like Jessica Lange. And also, "who is hotter -- Caitlyn or her ex, Kris?!?" "Does she have a better body than Kim Kardashian?" "She looks good, especially for her age!" These are actual quotes from television and radio shows.

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It's only a matter of time before Caitlyn Jenner gets the same gross, sexist treatment from the 'bloids that every other female celeb gets. I hope she's ready for these headlines!

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67 Has Never Looked Better as Caitlyn Jenner Defies Her Age by Walking Upright in Heels Like an Actual Human Being

Caitlyn Jenner Flashes Washboard Abs & Toned Glutes in Skimpy Monokini for AARP Magazine Spread

Caitlyn Jenner Risks Nip Slip in Plunging Gown at Golf Tournament (Where She's Competing, But Whatevs)

Caitlyn Jenner Stuns at 88 & Yes We're Still Comparing Her Hotness to Kris Jenner's (Caitlyn Is Still Winning That One)

Caitlyn Jenner & Heidi Klum Caught in Nasty Cat Fight Over Whose Butt Is Sexier

And so it begins. 

Do you think Jenner will get the same treatement every other female celeb gets in the media?


Image via The Daily Show


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