Sorry Dennis Rodman, But You're Not Caitlyn Jenner's Type

Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover has just about everyone talking ... including, apparently, Dennis Rodman, who always seems to claw his way into the limelight at the weirdest moments. This time, the retired basketball star is getting attention for saying he'd totally be down to date Caitlyn Jenner. To that we say: You can only hope you'd be so lucky, friend.


We'd say he "let this slip" during an interview with TMZ if it didn't seem like Dennis was plotting this out the whole time. Listen to the interview:

So we get why TMZ dragged Rodman into this whole thing because of his past as a high-profile athlete with a history with women's clothes and magazine covers. But being transgender and occasionally cross dressing are NOT the same thing. Is it just us, or does Rodman not seem to get that?

First hint is that he keeps calling Caitlyn "Bruce," which isn't correct any more -- since she said "Call me Caitlyn," we call her Caitlyn. Period. 

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Also, Caitlyn's been pretty clear that she's still not sure of her sexual preferences and that it's not really an important question for her right now. So basically, back the eff off, Dennis. 

OH AND ALSO saying that he "paved the way" for Caitlyn's debut seems a little self-aggrandizing, does it not?? I'm pretty sure she'd have done this with or without him, and while Rodman's 1995 Sports Illustrated cover was important at the time, it's been twenty years. Lots has been going on since then.

Yes, I know he's joking. Whatever. I don't think we're ready for jokes about Caitlyn yet, and this one rubs me the wrong way. Dennis can skedaddle his way back to North Korea and leave the Jenners alone. 

What do you think of Dennis Rodman's comments?


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